Class Schedule


Basic Photography Class - April 12, 2014             $50.00

This class covers everything a novice photographer should know to start taking better pictures.  Whether you have a point-and-shoot camera or the latest DSLR you will leave with a better understanding of your cameras functions and the principles of what makes a good photograph no matter what the subject. Perfect for the entry-level enthusiast!

Intermediate DSLR Photography Class - April 12, 2014        $50.00

 Now that you're getting familiar with your camera and from the Basic Photography Class you understand the principles of taking great photos, it's time to take-it-up-a-notch!  The first step to taking profession looking pictures in to get out of the Auto mode and into Program mode and that is exactly what we will do in this class.

Advanced DSLR Photography Class - April 16, 2014        $50.00

We discuss advanced techniques to take and edit for professional looking pictures.   There will be some classroom style discussion but this will mostly a hands on learning experience exclusively using your camera's Manual Mode setting.  Weather permitting with will take outdoor pictures using your camera's built in meter to set Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed settings.  Also we will set up off camera flashes.

Portrait Photography Workshop - April 26, 2014           $75.00

This class will guide you step by step through the process and teach you how to bring out the best in your natural light portrait photos. Learn how to pose your subjects, choose pleasing backgrounds and avoid harsh shadows.  The Portrait Photography Workshop is a hands on workshop working with a professional model.  This class is perfect for those who are looking to improve their portrait photos of children, family, pets and more 

Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow Class - May 7, 2014           $50.00

Sure, we'd all like to have our photos be perfect straight out of the camera. and sometimes they do look amazing. There are always things we can do to improve the little things that make a big difference.  Color balance, sharpening, noise reduction, bags under the eyes, wrinkles under the armpits...the little things that your eyes don't notice, but your brain does.


Flash Photography Workshop- May 10, 2014           $50.00

Lighting is easily the most important aspect of photography. I would even go as far as saying that lighting is photography: It is even in the word itself; "Photography" is greek for "Light Drawing", or "drawing with light". Without light, you cannot take photos. It is perfectly possible to take amazing photographs with a very simple camera - as long as the lighting is good.  Of course the opposite is true as well.  If the lighting, or positioning of the subject in the available light, is appalling then having the most expensive Nikon or Canon camera in your hands isn't going to get you the photographs that you are looking for.